BELIANTO Handbag/Tote Organizer - Classic Herringbone - Dark Grey - X-Large

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Organizer Contains:
X-Large Organizer (1x)
Detachable middle pocket divider with solid bottom (1x)
Detachable bottle holder with solid bottoms (2x)
Keychain strap with stainless steel swivel clip (1x)


  • 16 Pockets total - 12 interior pockets (including a 3-pocket middle insert) and 4 exterior pockets. Pockets and organizer will accommodate most handheld devices (tablets and smart phones), wallets, eyeglasses / sunglasses, keys, beauty products, jewelry, hair accessories, travel toiletries, stationary, snacks, and books.
  • One (1) detachable 3-pocket insert with solid bottom (Solid bottom prevents items from sliding and slipping out of the bottom).
  • Two (2) detachable beverage bottle holders with solid bottoms.
  • One (1) keychain strap with stainless steel swivel clip allows for easy retrieval of keys.
  • Multiple stretch bands for holding pens, pencils, and makeup.
  • Two (2) slit handles for easy transfer of organizer from one bag to another.


  Length  Width  Height 
Medium 9.5" 5" 6"
Large 11.75" 6.25" 6.75"
X-Large 15" 7" 8"

Medium organizer pockets
Inner (w x l) - 1.5"x3" (3x), 1.5"x4" (2x)
Outer (w) - 3" (3x), 9" (1x)
Large organizer pockets
Inner (w x l)- 1.5"x3" (3x), 1.5"x4" (2x), 1.5"x2" (1x), 1.5"x0.75" (2x)
Outer (w) - 3.85" (3x), 11.5" (1x)
X-Large organizer pockets
Inner (w x l)- 1.5"x4" (5x), 1.5"x3.5" (1x), 1.5"x1" (1x), 1.5"x0.5" (2x) 
Outer (w) - 5" (3x), 14.5" (1x)

80% polyester
10% wool
10% polypropylene